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Taxi service at Tartu Coach Station

  • Taxi transfer service fee in Tartu is 6 euros.
  • In Tartu the transfer service covers the areas as shown on the image below.
  • Taxi transfer service fee is fixed within the service area and does not depend on a specific destination address.
  • One voucher is valid for one taxi and up to 4 passengers
  • Taxi voucher is paid together with Lux Express bus tickets
  • The taxi stop is located next to the arrival terminal of the Tartu Coach Station and is marked with the logo of Tartu Taksopark
  • The traveller using the taxi service is obliged to forward the printed voucher verifying the purchase service to the taxi driver
  • Taxi service in Tartu is provided by  Go Taksopark OÜ, who can be contacted by phone: (+372) 1200