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Taxi service at Tallinn bus station

  • Tallinn is divided into two zones and the final price of the service depends on the distance to the destination
  • One taxi will carry up to 4 passengers
  • Taxi voucher is paid to the taxi driver via cash or card
  • The price of the taxi voucher is fixed in the given zone and is not related to the sum displayed on the taximeter. If your destination is outside of the zone marked on the voucher, an extended trip must be paid separately according to the price list of the taxi.
  • Takso24 taxi stop is located next to the arriving buses platform on the territory of the Tallinn Coach Station
  • Upon arrival, we kindly ask the passengers to go directly to the taxi stop
  • The traveller using the taxi service is obliged to forward the printed voucher verifying the purchase of the taxi service to the taxi driver
  • Taxi service in Tallinn is provided by Takso24, who can be contacted by phone: (+372) 1224
Zone 1 Zone 2
City center, harbour and airport The rest of Tallinn
5.5 EUR 8 EUR