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Yes, joining with the program and participating in the program is completely free of charge.

If your PINS account is not activated, please find the confirmation e-mail sent by PINS to your mailbox. If you have not received a confirmation e-mail from PINS, you should contact the PINS Membership Service and they will send you a new e-mail to confirm your account. In the confirmation e-mail you have to click on the link which directs you to the PINS homepage, where you can create a new password and log in to your PINS account.

PINS card is individual. The card can be used only by the person to whom the card has been issued to. If the misuse of the PINS card is discovered, you will have to pay the difference between the full price and the discounted price. Also, your level of discount might be downgraded to lower level if the misuse of the PINS card is discovered more than one time. For example, if you are Level 1 client, your level will be downgraded to base level that does not entail a discount. Secondly, when buying ticket please insert your name and PINS card number in ticket sales system to get discount and PINS. Name and surname when buying the ticket must match with the exact name and surname on which the card was registered. When buying ticket from customer service show PINS card or digital card in PINS app to customer service.

Go to the PINS homepage, click „Log in to my account“ in the right upper corner. A box will open after that, then click „Forgot my password“. Next you have to add your e-mail address and a link to create a new password which will be sent to your e-mail.

No, the discount does not apply for tickets purchased from the bus, but you can collect trips and PINS.

No, you don’t have to print out the ticket and you also don’t have to present it to the bus driver electronically. You can board the bus by presenting only your PINS card or digital card in PINS app.

To get an overview of the collected trips, PINS and level, you have to log in to your PINS account.

Lux Express gives 10 virtual trips as a gift to everyone who has registered with the Lux Express PINS loyalty program in our customer service offices, on our homepage or via the Lux Express Facebook page. Everyone who has registered through any other PINS channel or PINS partner will get their 10 virtual trips and 10% discount after they have bought one full-priced ticket. 10 virtual trips will be valid for 1 year from registering.

Yes, you can collect PINS by using the PINS card or digital card with other PINS partners. Also you can collect PINS by using any other partners PINS cards.

You should submit the request here.

You can join with PINS in the Lux Express customer service offices. You can also register on-line by filling in the form here. PINS will send you the card within 3 weeks. You can also print a temporary PINS card on the PINS homepage which you can use right away. Also, it is possible to download PINS app and register through app.

Temporary PINS card can be used when you are waiting to receive your personalised PINS card. Pleas click here to print a temorpary PINS card?

If you have lost your PINS card, you should fill in the „Lost card“ form on the PINS homepage. PINS will send you the new card for free within 2 weeks. The „Lost card“ form is available here.

If you decide to close your PINS account, you have to contact the PINS membership service and they will close the account.

Log in with your account in PINS homepage, go to Profile Infromation and choose Contact Information to renew your accounts.

No. Every passenger trips are individual and they are not combined or over carried.

PINS member will have an access to all PINS that members have collected in their individual accounts. Idea is to collect PINS together with other program members and get the desired rewards faster. Up to 8 people can be added to customer’s Friend & Family account. Everybody, who are in Friend & Family account can collect PINS, but only account establisher has permission to assign other members to spend all the collected PINS. You either can create your own Friends & Family Account, becoming head of the account, or join an existing account, where head of account has to send invitation by e-mail.

No. Lux Express loyalty program is valid for only Lux Express departures.

Every trip on the account will be valid for 12 months.

The level of discount will be available for 12 months, starting from the date when you registered to the program or from the date when you have reached higher level.

All PINS collected at PINS partners are valid for 3 years. If these PINS are not spent within this time, they expire irreversibly on the day they were collected 3 years ago.

You do not have to register again. PINS card will be sent to your postal address, which you entered while registering with BalticMiles.