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Frequent questions

We have gathered here the most frequently asked questions about our services. These topics are divided into five major categories: ticket purchase, ticket change, ticket return, luggage and other issues. In case you do not find from following part answer for your question, feel free to contact with our customer service via phone +372 680 0909 or via e-mail, we will be glad to help you.

Tickets can be bought online on, via Lux Express infophone +372 680 0909 using credit card, at Lux Express Group sales offices in the Baltics and Russia and from the travel agents. When buying tickets at Lux Express Tallinn customer service office a respective fee 1.00 EUR applies.

To receive a discount show your PINS card to the customer service specialist. If you are buying tickets in the online sales system enter the card number in the field “PINS number”.

On international Lux Express routes it is only needed to present a valid travel document (passport or ID card) to board the coach. On Lux Express national routes it is possible to board the coach with a personal identification document only if the passenger name was entered during the booking or PINS loyalty card. If you are using our partner’s services, you need to print out the ticket and present it to the driver while boarding the coach.

Yes, ticket can be bought from the bus driver, except on the territory of the Russian Federation and in the buses of Russian fleet. When buying ticket from the bus driver before departure maximum price applies. Please note, that PINS discount does not apply when buying the ticket from the bus driver.

If there is no seat number marked on your bus ticket, you can choose any free seat on the bus.

For a wider range of travel options, we provide an opportunity to book tickets through our sales system on the journeys operated in cooperation with our partners:

PTK (Tallinn - Saint Petersburg),
TEMPTRANS AS (Tallinn - Saint Petersburg),
SIA "LATLINES" (Riga - Lvov, Riga – Chernovci, Riga – Gomel),
KAUTRA (Riga - Kaunas),
OLLEX (Riga - Klaipeda),
KÖNIGAVTO (Riga - Kaliningrad),
KAVTOK (Riga - Kaliningrad),
PKS "POLONUS" (Warsaw - Drohobych, Warsaw, Lviv).

Yes, tickets change is possible until the start of the trip in cases when route and carrier are not changed as a result of desired amendments.

No, it is not possible to change the tickets on national routes. In case of such need the original ticket should be cancelled with the accordance with the effective ticket sale rules and a new ticket should be bought

Only tickets on international routes can be changed. Changes in the date and time can be made in ticket offices of Lux Express Group, by the travel agents or via Lux Express info phone. Any changes are possible only until the beginning of the trip. There will not be added any fee changing the original ticket for the first time, every additional change will cost 2 EUR. Passenger must pay the price difference of the original and new ticket, in case the new ticket is more expensive. If it is not necessary to pay the difference, the changes can be made via e-mail as well.
Passengers wishing to change the tickets on national routes should return the original ticket and buy a new ticket.

Yes, according to Lux Express charges, this services fee is 2.00 EUR. Passenger must pay the price difference of the original and new ticket, in case the new ticket is more expensive.

When you notice that you might have lost a personal item in our bus, please click here to contact us immediately.