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Lux Express takes on extensive safety measures in relation to the coronavirus

The bus company Lux Express identified that the first Estonian patient with coronavirus travelled to Estonia yesterday at 2 PM on a Lux Express coach bus from Riga to Tallinn. Since becoming aware of the fact, Lux Express has contacted the Health Board and has taken extensive safety measures to ensure further passenger safety and to prevent the spread of the virus on the bus.

“The information that we had the infected person among our passengers was given to us today at 9.30. We immediately convened a crisis team who contacted the Health Board and with whom we implemented a package of measures to ensure safety,” said Janno Ritsberg, CEO of Lux Express.

According to Lux Express, the person with the virus travelled from Riga to Tallinn, departing yesterday on February 26 at 14.00 arriving in Tallinn at 18.30. 24 tickets had been sold for that particular trip. Lux Express has forwarded the details of all passengers to the Health Board, who will contact them. Lux Express has also informed the bus driver and the attendant and gave them a break from work during the latency period of the virus. The company will provide further guidance to all employees.

The same bus was cleaned yesterday in Tallinn and it continued on route to St. Petersburg yesterday at 9:30 pm. The Health Board has asserted that it is unlikely that the bus will be infected without the virus carrier, but nevertheless the bus will be taken off the line and disinfected thoroughly.


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