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Information about travelling in the Baltics with Lux Express

Lux Express restarts international departures in the Baltics from 22nd of May and initially we are opening 3 routes: Tallinn-Riga-Tallinn, Riga-Vilnius-Riga and Tallinn-Vilnius-Tallinn.

There is one important requirement regarding international departures that all passengers must keep in mind: when travelling with public transportation in Latvia or Lithuania, it is mandatory to cover up your face with a mask or other cover, such as a scarf or the like. While travelling in Estonia, face covers are optional but recommended, not mandatory. All other safety requirements when travelling throughout the Baltics are taken care of by Lux Express.

We believe that feeling safe is essential for being comfortable. We have worked to ensure both elements of joyful travelling and introduced the following safety measures on our coaches:

  1. There are hand disinfectants available near the first and middle doors of the coach.
  2. For increased privacy, passengers can buy a twin seat. It means that you can purchase an additional free seat next to yours with a 50% standard ticket price, so you get to sit alone on a seat pair during the whole trip.
  3. All Lux Express coaches are wet cleaned after every trip.
  4. We have equipped every coach with surgical masks that can be requested from the coach driver as per need.
  5. To minimize human contact we will not offer hot drinks, pillows, blankets, headphones, water or snacks on board (incl. for Lounge passengers), until further notice.
  6. Please buy your ticket online! If there is no other way than to purchase a ticket on board, please use a card payment.
  7. Show your ticket on a paper or on your phone screen while holding it in your own hands. Also, show your ID-card or open passport while holding it in your own hands.
  8. We have closed seats nr 1-4 temporarily for safety of everyone on board.
  9. Please stay home if you are ill.


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