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We are truly sorry that we failed in our promises and we couldn't serve you in the way we wanted to. Hereby we would like to invite you to use -50% discount for your next trip with us.

How the -50% discount works?
Your QR number on a ticket has to be entered to the campaign code field while purchasing your next trip on Lux Express homepage. Please note you can not use any QR nomber, but only the ticket QR number for the specific trip the inconveniences were related to. The discount is valid for one trip.

What is my QR number?
Each ticket has it’s own QR number which is located under the QR code on top right side of the ticket (12 digits).

How long the QR number is valid as a campaign code?
QR number will work as a -50% campaign code for 6 months from today. QR number can be used as a campaign code once.

For which routes the -50% discount will apply?
-50% discount will apply for one Lux Express direct trip without a bus change.