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* Lux Express can exchange bus to another one without media screen devices in case of maintenance work of buses with media screen devices.

** Internet service quality varies depending on where you are geographically. Internet signals may not be available at certain points en-route.

*** The service is unavailable in coaches with russian number plates.

Air conditioner

Each seat is equipped with a seat belt
Each seat is equipped with a seat belt. Always fasten your seat belt!
Hot drinks
There is a hot drink machine in the bus. You can enjoy delicious coffe, hot chocolate and tea during the trip.
Individual touch screen media system (videos, music, games, Internet)
Each seat has an individual touch screen, that lets you watch latest and popular movies, listen music, play games or use internet browser.
Power supply by every seat pair (220 V)
By each seat pair there is power supply (220 V)

Reclinable seats and wider space for legs

Smoking and drinking alcohol in the bus are prohibited
It's forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol during the trip.
WC and air conditioner
Each bus is equipped with air conditioner allowing you to have a pleasant journey. There is a toilet in the bus, which is open throughout the journey and is also equipped with a sink.
WiFi is available in the bus. Connect to our secure network with your devices.

Products in the bus


Opportunity to purchase a blanket, if you want to relax.

Price: 4 €


Enjoy movies or listen music with Lux Express headphones.

Price: 2 €


Opportunity to purchase a pillow, if you want to take a nap.

Price: 3 €


If you feel thirsty, you can purchase bottle of still water.

Price: 1.5 €