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The Lux Mini coach has 16 comfortable seats placed in 2+1 layout. Lux Mini coaches travel between Jõhvi and St. Petersburg through Sillamäe and Narva.

The most accurate information about specific departures and stops en-route is available in Lux Express ticket sales system.

Air conditioner
We strive to make even the longest journeys as comfortable as possible.
Free Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi is available in the coach. Connect to our secure network with your devices.
Power supply by every seat pair (220 V)
No need to worry about power supply while working or using your own devices for entertainment.
Priority border crossing
Crossing the Russian border on board of a Lux Express coach is a breeze with our priority border crossing possibility.
Reclining seats and wider legroom
Wider legroom and reclining seats for a comfortable journey.
Seat belt
Your safety is important to us. Please always fasten you seat belt!

Internet service quality varies depending on where you are geographically. Internet signals may not be available at certain points en-route.