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The grass right here is green

It is often that we enjoy the benefits of a product or service without thinking about how it became possible or how it got delivered to us. It is the “behind the scenes” people that we forget to appreciate, but to whom we owe so much of our daily comfort.

Kristaps Puzāks is one of those people who make planning our adventures so easy for us and see that they are carried out perfectly. He is currently working as a sales system specialist at Lux Express. However, this is not how his career at Lux Express began.

How did you find your way to Lux Express?

“After finishing my international sales and marketing management studies in Denmark, I realised marketing was not exactly my path and I started seeking other opportunities back home in Riga. It was important for me to keep improving the language skills I had developed while studying in Denmark, which is why I preferred bigger and international companies. Working for an international company also gives me a broader angle in terms of work experience, both in a cultural, but also in a business ethics way across different nations. Lux Express was a perfect fit for me, as I am also keen on travelling.”

In what ways have you grown during your career?

“At first, I applied for a different position, but I was eventually offered a place as a customer service specialist. During my nearly three years in customer service, my problem-solving and communication skills improved tremendously, as every customer is different and so are their needs.

I’ve also learned new things, as after three years in customer relations, I was offered a position as sales system specialist. The position is very dynamic and I feel challenged every day. Mostly, I take care of the information that is available in the sale systems: logistics, prices, campaigns, times, trips. This is the part that is visible to the client. I also handle various other data that are necessary for administrative purposes. Internally, I provide my colleagues support that is linked directly to the sales system. That means I am involved in communication with different departments daily. The main personal challenge for me is that I want to help everyone. It’s my biggest strength and weakness at the same time. That means I constantly need to learn to prioritise my tasks.”

How do you spend your spare time?

“I like to travel. As we say at Lux Express, travelling broadens the mind. So, I tend to plan a longer trip at least once a year, for instance to Bulgaria or Austria. I would highly recommend visiting St. Petersburg for anyone who is searching for a destination. It was one of the few places where I felt like there is no rush to go back home.

I have also tried to discover more of Latvia and take smaller trips within my own country. We rarely appreciate what we have at home. We always imagine that the grass is greener somewhere else. I am now trying to explore and appreciate more of the nature here. As I am also a hobby photographer, I have discovered many wonderful places, seen beautiful people and captured them with my camera.”

Text: Kadri Eisenschmidt