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Pärnu – the capital of summer experiences

Every year, when the summer arrives, the Estonian spring capital Türi hands over the baton to Pärnu. The reason for this is obvious – Pärnu is a truly beautiful resort town on the southwestern coast of Estonia, which everyone should visit at least once during summer.

Pärnu in summer is the best place to stay for anyone looking for adventure, the opportunity to spend an active holiday, have fun with the family, or just create good memories. You don’t even need too many suggestions on what to do in the summer capital, because once you are there everything is close by and available. The best advice is to leave your car at home and, if possible, take a Lux Express bus to Pärnu. There are many different ways to get around in the city: hire a bike, walk or take a boat ride. This way you will be sure to experience some of the magic that Pärnu has to offer.

World of tastes

Pärnu has rightly earned the status of summer capital. A lot of effort has been made throughout its history to earn the title of the summer resort town and now is the time to enjoy the fruits of all this hard work. There is excitement around every corner here.

There are many places in Pärnu that will make your mouth water if you are a big food lover. Lovely cafés hidden in old wooden houses, modern top-level restaurants, and also the country’s best chefs can be found in Pärnu during summer. Since summer is the busiest time and the main source of income for the city, chefs do not make concessions in their work – you can be sure that only the best is offered. Enjoy breakfast at Mahedik, for example, and have an afternoon cake and coffee break at Supelsaksad. An elegant and romantic dinner experience is guaranteed at Ammende Villa. Admirers of world cuisine definitely need to go the most legendary pizza restaurant in Pärnu, Steffani Pizza, or try authentic Georgian flavours at Kolhethi – when you eat the khinkali there, you forget that you are in Estonia. Of course, for all late party-goers, we recommend the city’s famous diners, where you will find the best burgers and a deliciously tasty finger food in the early morning hours.

In order for taste experiences to be realised, it is worthwhile thinking about your meal plans early, as finding a vacant table can be difficult. This is because of the high popularity of the best eateries.

A city that never sleeps

Pärnu is an ideal city for active vacationers, as the city’s tennis and volleyball courts, running trails and, of course, the beach promenade offer a wide range of opportunities for sports and active time. For indoor-sports enthusiasts, we definitely recommend the stadium gym located in the beach area, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a modern look. Between training, it is also worth taking a look at the stadium itself and cheering on during spirited football matches or athletics competitions.

At the seaside resort, there is the opportunity for water sports and beach holidays, everything from sunbathing to boat rides, from sunrise until sunset. Undoubtedly, you should visit the Aloha surf centre. There is always something going at Aloha. Spend your days surfing, rent an SUP, and enjoy delicious and invigorating drinks, music and of course the best company. The soft sand, the warm sun, and feeling your sun-kissed hair in the sea breeze are equally beautiful here as in Hawaii. Just be warned that this is an extremely addictive place.

The summer capital along with Estonia’s extraordinary white nights is a combination that will not let you sleep at night. Are these nights really meant for sleeping anyway? Everyone can find a place in Pärnu to dance in the warm sea breeze until the morning. Although the city is small, there are glamorous nightclubs full of people, with the best DJs and cocktails, as well as bars, pop-up party venues on street corners or on the beach, and anything else you might want from the summer.

Adventures for the whole family

If you are travelling with the little ones, you simply cannot miss out on Lottemaa. An active day in this dizzyingly awesome theme park creates a wonderful feeling for the children. Their joy also infects adults. Spend the sunny mornings on Pärnu beach playgrounds and in the park, where you never get bored together. Occasionally, large cattle can also be seen on the coastal meadows. Grab a vanilla ice cream from a café and run barefoot with the kids in the fountains. It is from these moments that the best childhood memories are made.

Holidaymakers who are looking for some relaxing activities could go wandering in the old town during the day. You can find lovely cafés, handicraft shops or pottery shops around every corner. We advise you to step into the Mary Magdalene Guildhall. A slightly more active afternoon can be spent at Pärnu Bay Golf. This new, magnificent golf centre offers great opportunities for playing golf, dining and simply enjoying the beauty of nature. In addition, the cinema, Endla Theatre and various open-air concerts have something to offer, not to mention the numerous spas of Pärnu.

As with other seaside resorts, you should remember that when you come to Pärnu, the sea breeze is volatile. In the changing climate of Estonia, it is worth packing both beach clothes and a warmer jacket. Refreshing summer holidays are guaranteed if you get your clothing choices right.

You can travel to Pärnu with Lux Express.

Author: Taisi Kõiv