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Holidays in St. Petersburg

During the holiday season, St. Petersburg turns into a wonderland – amazing light decorations and exciting events will make your trip to St. Petersburg a memorable experience.

On 21st of December there will be 4th International Santa Claus run in St.

Travelling from Estonia to St Petersburg with Lux Express

Travelling to St Petersburg by bus is simple and convenient if you have acquainted yourself with everything and prepared all the documents properly.



When planning a trip to Russia, please read the visa requirements before buying the bus tickets.

Multicultural Daugavpils is reinventing itself

The Mark Rothko Art Centre. Photo: Latvia Travel

Latvia’s second largest city, Daugavpils, is located between the beautiful fields and forests of Latgale on the winding River Daugava in south-eastern Latvia. Just a few dozen kilometres from both Lithuania and Belarus, Daugavpils has been a strategically located city for centuries, and thus has been desired by almost all the ruling powers in the Baltic Sea region.

A fresh look at Riga

The city of Riga, conveniently located in the middle of the Baltic States, has been a destination for travellers for centuries, and even today many travellers repeatedly visit the Latvian capital. If you are one of those who has been to Riga many times but hasn’t really seen much more than the medieval old town, then it is worth giving Riga another chance to sweep you off your feet.

The grass right here is green

It is often that we enjoy the benefits of a product or service without thinking about how it became possible or how it got delivered to us. It is the “behind the scenes” people that we forget to appreciate, but to whom we owe so much of our daily comfort.

Do you believe in destiny?

Back in 2014, Hannele (29) was a frequent traveller on Lux Express’ Tallinn–Riga route. While she lived in Riga, she took the bus home to Tallinn every Friday and back again every Sunday evening over two years. She was already familiar with the drivers who always warmly welcomed her on board.

Pärnu – the capital of summer experiences

Every year, when the summer arrives, the Estonian spring capital Türi hands over the baton to Pärnu. The reason for this is obvious – Pärnu is a truly beautiful resort town on the southwestern coast of Estonia, which everyone should visit at least once during summer.

A trip to the edge of Estonia

Narva, the easternmost and third-largest city in Estonia, has always been surrounded by some mystical aura. One might think that it is here that the traces of different eras and powers are particularly strong. However, you might be surprised to find a destination for a romantic weekend instead.

A glowing shadowless sky

St. Petersburg, the most northern million city in the world, is a meeting point between east and west, Russia and Europe. If you consider the latitude, it is just as far north as the southern end of Oslo, Alaska and Greenland.

Julia Nikolenko: “The road is like life to me”

There are people who love what they do and do what they love; without them, there would be less reliability, certainty and warmth in this world. The world itself would simply not be the way we know it now. Why?

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